Star Wars: Dusk to Dawn

Pleasantries and Poison

A Stupid Animal's View

Drokar sat at the table, putting on the best servant act that he could muster. Considering acting was not his forte, it was surprisingly impressive. “Yes, well, I would sit my dumb animal with the other servants. I don’t want that filth stinking up my table.” Drokar suppressed a growl, and fought down an overwhelming urge to beat the man with his soup bowl. “Yes,” Zan spoke, “Sit over there, you disgusting beast.” Drokar knew he didn’t mean it, but all of this was certainly getting to him. He gave a low grunt as he picked up his plate and walked away, feeling the eyes of the diners upon him.

He got up and sat down at the far away table, next to a silent Duros who moved farther down the table when he approached. That good ol’ Shistavanen charm… He busied himself with observing the room, watching the patrols movement. He couldn’t be affected by any of this here, and he had to keep himself occupied. A few tables over, Zan and Impella expertly wormed there way into the lives of the senators. Still, all Drokar could do was sit here and observe. For the filthy animal that he was, it did have its’ perks.

This was not Drokar’s comfort zone, that much was certain. He didn’t like milling about in the background. Used to the more upfront operations of stealth and fighting. He was no noble, and his countenance certainly didn’t help him in this arena. Nearly everyone seemed to move to the other side of the room from him, keeping their distance. It wasn’t something he was unfamiliar with, but the rebels seemed to be less fearful. He had left his home to experience the universe, not be shunned by it.

The next few days entailed more reconnaissance, and feeling out the security patrols. Zram was more than ready to leave this place, but Bromm made it no easy feat to get in touch with him. Bromm unsettled them all, it would seem. They had discovered assassins among the guardsmen, disguised in body but not in action. Their habits gave them all away. They were highly trained soldiers, every one of them. This was going to go down, and it was going to happen quickly and violently.

The plan was to poison the senator to give him a reason to leave his gala, and then slip him out of the compound disguised as their driver. It was a longshot, but it would have to work. There was little other option with Bromm sniffing around every little corner. Again, Drokar played the part of the “dumb savage” as they went to steal some poison from the medical station. Zan took the lead.

“Do you have something for my stupid beast here? He seems to have eaten something out of the garbage. Perhaps something to get it out of his stomach?”

“Why would you need that? It’d just throw up on it’s own anyway.”

“Well, I’d like to expedite the process.” Zan replied.

“Hang on. Here, we’ll give it to him for you.”

While Drokar sat hunched over, vomiting in a bucket, Zan pulled a few vials on a shelf. The thing’s he’d do to give the Imps a run for their money.

Drokar thought back to that moment as he watched Zram retch with the same violence as he had over the toilet. Uncomfortably, he stood waiting with the man’s driver outfit.

“Ugh, there really wasn-” Zram said pausing to continue expelling his stomach “another way?”

Drokar shared a look of understanding. “Your not the only one that had to do some less than enjoyable things around here.”

The door was being tampered with as several of the assassins began to try to break it down.

“Come on, get dressed, we need to get moving. Now!” Drokar said, handing him the costume.

There would be more violence yet to come. More times to prove his prowess as a warrior. It took all of them to pull this mission off, even if Drokar couldn’t see it. Protection: That was something that Drokar was good at, and he would certainly live up to that.

‘Stupid animal…’ Drokar thought as he readied himself in case the soldiers burst through the door.

‘Let me show you what a stupid animal can do.’

(I might actually write up another one of these. This was fun, though I’m too lazy to proofread because we have more Star Wars to play I think. So fuck it, errors and all… here ya go.)


Good stuff sir.

Pleasantries and Poison

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