Star Wars: Dusk to Dawn

Pleasantries and Poison
A Stupid Animal's View

Drokar sat at the table, putting on the best servant act that he could muster. Considering acting was not his forte, it was surprisingly impressive. “Yes, well, I would sit my dumb animal with the other servants. I don’t want that filth stinking up my table.” Drokar suppressed a growl, and fought down an overwhelming urge to beat the man with his soup bowl. “Yes,” Zan spoke, “Sit over there, you disgusting beast.” Drokar knew he didn’t mean it, but all of this was certainly getting to him. He gave a low grunt as he picked up his plate and walked away, feeling the eyes of the diners upon him.

He got up and sat down at the far away table, next to a silent Duros who moved farther down the table when he approached. That good ol’ Shistavanen charm… He busied himself with observing the room, watching the patrols movement. He couldn’t be affected by any of this here, and he had to keep himself occupied. A few tables over, Zan and Impella expertly wormed there way into the lives of the senators. Still, all Drokar could do was sit here and observe. For the filthy animal that he was, it did have its’ perks.

This was not Drokar’s comfort zone, that much was certain. He didn’t like milling about in the background. Used to the more upfront operations of stealth and fighting. He was no noble, and his countenance certainly didn’t help him in this arena. Nearly everyone seemed to move to the other side of the room from him, keeping their distance. It wasn’t something he was unfamiliar with, but the rebels seemed to be less fearful. He had left his home to experience the universe, not be shunned by it.

The next few days entailed more reconnaissance, and feeling out the security patrols. Zram was more than ready to leave this place, but Bromm made it no easy feat to get in touch with him. Bromm unsettled them all, it would seem. They had discovered assassins among the guardsmen, disguised in body but not in action. Their habits gave them all away. They were highly trained soldiers, every one of them. This was going to go down, and it was going to happen quickly and violently.

The plan was to poison the senator to give him a reason to leave his gala, and then slip him out of the compound disguised as their driver. It was a longshot, but it would have to work. There was little other option with Bromm sniffing around every little corner. Again, Drokar played the part of the “dumb savage” as they went to steal some poison from the medical station. Zan took the lead.

“Do you have something for my stupid beast here? He seems to have eaten something out of the garbage. Perhaps something to get it out of his stomach?”

“Why would you need that? It’d just throw up on it’s own anyway.”

“Well, I’d like to expedite the process.” Zan replied.

“Hang on. Here, we’ll give it to him for you.”

While Drokar sat hunched over, vomiting in a bucket, Zan pulled a few vials on a shelf. The thing’s he’d do to give the Imps a run for their money.

Drokar thought back to that moment as he watched Zram retch with the same violence as he had over the toilet. Uncomfortably, he stood waiting with the man’s driver outfit.

“Ugh, there really wasn-” Zram said pausing to continue expelling his stomach “another way?”

Drokar shared a look of understanding. “Your not the only one that had to do some less than enjoyable things around here.”

The door was being tampered with as several of the assassins began to try to break it down.

“Come on, get dressed, we need to get moving. Now!” Drokar said, handing him the costume.

There would be more violence yet to come. More times to prove his prowess as a warrior. It took all of them to pull this mission off, even if Drokar couldn’t see it. Protection: That was something that Drokar was good at, and he would certainly live up to that.

‘Stupid animal…’ Drokar thought as he readied himself in case the soldiers burst through the door.

‘Let me show you what a stupid animal can do.’

(I might actually write up another one of these. This was fun, though I’m too lazy to proofread because we have more Star Wars to play I think. So fuck it, errors and all… here ya go.)

The Resistance
A Warrior's Life

The streets swarmed with people. It seemed every citizen had taken to the streets to retake their city. Drokar smiled. A streetful of warriors, ready to do battle with the empire. He’d seen far too much bloodshed and horror at the hands of the empire. His mind drifted back to the attack on his friend’s ship, the attack that had landed him with the Republic Military. He’d played the trade lanes for years with Arturo, the young human spacer. The ships hull had looked like swiss cheese. Arturo fought with the controls as circuits overloaded, lighting the cockpit with arcs of electricity and sparking equipment. The ship was dying, and both of them knew it. The YT-1200 was a sturdy ship, but it could not withstand such a brutal beating. “DRO! GET IN THE GODDAMN ESCAPE POD!” Arturo yelled. Drokar shook his head. Not now. Not here.
There was work to be done. As the two groups approached, Drokar could see the commander, surrounded by a large human body guard. They locked eyes and Drokar knew, instantly that the large human was his. Two violent people in a violent world. It’d been quite some time since he’d had a real challenge. Stormtroopers could be dangerous in numbers, but Drokar had become practiced at fighting the throngs of them that would flood this battle.
In the distance, a massive explosion rocked the city. Their earlier raid had gone successful as a bright explosion rose in the skyline. It was the trumpet sounding the battles beginning. Drokar eagerly jumped into the fray, brutally mowing through stormtroopers, never losing focus on the man with his hands clutched at his chest, looking over the cowl of his breathmask as he watched his nemesis cut through his forces. There was a look of respect in the eyes, even if it was simply that he was a worthy adversary.
The hordes melded together, blaster bolts flying to and fro, some friendly fire, some finding their true targets. Drokar made his way up the steps as one particularly gung-ho stormtrooper rushed towards him. The trooper charged with a vibro-knife. “Take this you rebel scum!” he screamed. Drokar caught his arm in the midst of the charge, swiftly disarming the knife. The trooper was stunned as Drokar grabbed the back of his head and made him kiss the concrete steps. The helmets crack seemed to rise above the din of the fighting. The body slumped motionless against the steps and began to tumble.
Zane stepped out to meet him, hands still clutched at his chest. “Drokar… Now you will meet your reckoning.” His voice seemed somewhat raspy. Perhaps he needed a losenge. A losenge of fists. (Fuck it, this is too hilarious not to put in here.)
The massive human began to charge towards Drokar, slowly building speed as he rushed across the steps of the city senate. Drokar’s fur bristled. He’d been waiting for this fight since the beginning. A true challenger to his skill. Zane’s blow hit Drokar with an earth shattering amount of force. He heard a bone crack as he stumbled back, trying desperately to suck in oxygen after having all of it forcibly removed from his lungs.
‘Good hit…’ he thought as he charged back in, undettered. His own flurry of fists and claws struck Zane. It seemed like it should have been a debilitating hit, with the power that he had struck Zane with. Drokar felt a pang of worry as Zane simply stepped forward into the blow, bringing his own fists to bear again. The next blow caught Drokar right in the side of the head. His skull racked with pain and the dull roar of what had normally been shell-shock. Suddenly, he was back on his homeworld.
A nameless voice spoke, in a brightly lit jungle, the night sky bright above them under a moon.“Young ones, the warrior must never quit. You are the staunch defenders of all we hold dear. You are the torch in the darkness, the specter in the night. You are the first to enter, and the last to leave the fight.” the voice paused.
“A warrior shows no fear….” The voice faded as he snapped back to reality, the pain being the first sign that he was back as he stumbled backwards up the stairs, trying to regain his bearings.
“A coward, I see.” his enemy spoke.
Drokar growled. That one had struck a nerve. A new fury overtook him. He got a running start, jumping into the air and hoisting both fists above his head for what would be a brutal hammer blow. “I AM NOT A COWARD!” he roared as his fists and body tangled with that of Zane. The mask cracked off of Zane’s face as the blow seemed to cleave into his head, bones and cartilage crunching as the two of them tumbled down the stairs. Drokar managed to stay on top of Zane, still hitting the non-responsive attacker.
The cracking gave way to a wet ‘splat’. Drokar stopped. He threw his head back, releasing a roar of victory that rose above the battle, reaching to the stars themselves. It was primal, it was pure. Around him, the rebel troops pushed forward, beating the last of the stormtroopers back. Many would die. Many would be captured. He was proud to be on the front lines with such passionate souls.
The image of the dead shistavanen family, riddled with blaster bolts came to mind. He ran forward, eager to join his allies, and hopefully finish off a few more imperials.

Victory and Defeat

I had been with the special forces group for a few months, and quickly grew accustomed to the brawn in our trio. Being the diplomat in the group wasn’t easy, especially when Zan and Drokar always fought over who had the greatest take downs. Zan was the Jedi, often letting his anger out of control, but with a constant smarmy demeanor. Drokar was some sort of wolf-like man-beast. I didn’t yet have free time to learn more about his species, but he was never satisfied unless his fists flattened at least one enemy for his daily diet of dominance. Not to doubt any of us, but while we had our own way of accomplishing missions, we didn’t always agree or listen to one another.

Our current mission was to dismantle a bomb placed on the in-bound train to the city. We had help from some of the clone troopers in the area, flying to the rendezvous point to intercept the assailing train. It was bound to be covered with droids; inside and out. The ship began to shake from the turbulence, and I squinted my eyes to try and see my teammates, but didn’t have the best nocturnal sight. The side hatches slid open, pouring sunlight straight into our eyes and drawing us towards the edge with the pull of the sudden wind. I clung onto some of the seatbelt straps bolted to the wall, bracing myself for a bumpy landing.

“Gentleman,” Zan nodded to Drokar, then turning to me. “Lady.” He flipped backwards through the air in a dazzling display of acrobatics, landing safely on the roof of the moving train.

“He’s such a show off,” I muttered, tucking back a strand of my loose pink hair. Drokar grunted and jumped off of the ship in suit. Zan and Drokar waved for me to hurry up, so I took a deep breath and leapt through the air. I barely made the edge, precariously teetering backwards before Zan waved his hands and used the force to pull me safely on board. I pretended to vomit from the back of the train as he winked at me. The clones were the last to join us. Scrapper was the head of the pack, and another Jedi by the name of Master Char came with us as well.

It didn’t take long for the battle droids to notice us and to begin firing weapons at our group. Everyone but me rushed ahead. I didn’t have the strength like them, let alone weapon knowledge or tactical expertise, but I still held a blaster just in case. Every night before a mission I readied my blaster, cleaning it thoroughly and going through the motions of take down points on an enemy. Unfortunately, I had just been released a new blaster model and didn’t read the instruction manual. I assumed it would work the same as the last one.

Drokar tore into the nearest droid, ripping its limbs apart and scattering bolts and live wires across the hot metal of the car, letting them slide off and into the quickly receding distance. “Who’s fuckin’ next?” He growled.

Zan was deftly slicing through droids himself, cleanly decapitating a handful of them at once, kicking their heads over the edge as well. I tried to help shoot one of Zan’s droids, but nothing shot out of my blaster when I pulled the trigger.

“Take the safety off,” Zan shouted. “Do you need a tutorial?”

“I know,” I snipped back, looking around my blaster for the safety. “I just got this model.” I took another shot at an oncoming droid, making a direct hit with its neck and severing the main artery of its system, paralyzing the droid as it futilely cried out for help. The momentum of the train sent it sliding over the edge. The wheels squeeled and crunched over the metal, sparking the droid’s last words.

“That may have been one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t even put him out of his misery?” Zan pressed, raising his hand and neatly tossing another droid off of the train.

“I can’t cut through them like butter, Jedi,” I snarled.

Both of us turned our attention on Drokar as a heavier battle droid advanced on him, taking a near pointblank shot at his head. Zan shot a bolt of energy from his palms and lifted a shield in between Drokar and the blast, deflecting the laser back at the droid, blasting a hole through its center panel.

“Pay attention, man,” Zan hollered, wishing he could smack Drokar for his carelessness. Drokar howled in frustration, clotheslining an incoming enemy.

“Guys, help!” I called, taking laser fire from a new group of droids that appeared from the back of the train. I collapsed to the ground, wincing at my wounded shoulder. This was exhausting. Why did I submit my resume to this place?

“Gotta save my bro!” Drokar roared, trampling everything in his path on his way to rescuing me. The first droid’s arm was ripped off and wrenched back like a baton, whipping forward with full power and sending the rest of the droid’s body off into the distance. My gun finally kicked into action and I blasted the second droid so hard it flew through the air and hit a bird in the distance, both exploding on impact. “Oh my gods,” Drokar exclaimed in his deep, guttural voice. “Maybe you are worth something.” I decided to take it as a compliment.

“Let’s get going,” Zan waved for us to jump from car to car. I hesitated. Hurdles were never my thing in gym class, and I didn’t really want to drop thousands of feet into the ravine below. Somehow I managed to make it.

“I’m going to ruin this guy’s day,” Drokar pounded a fist in his palm, making a complex arrangement of martial arts moves, confusing the droid that ran up to greet him with a blaster.

“Does not compute,” the droid beeped. “Fighting style unknown.”

While Drokar and Zan created a path through the firing machines, I targeted one of the bigger droids further up and set the laser sight on its visor. It began punching itself in the face, attempting to hit the laser point until the droid no longer moved, collapsing to the roof of the current car.

“The Separatists sure make them high quality, don’t they?” Zan laughed.

“To be or not to be—-“ Drokar held a head in his hand. “Aw, fuck it.” He bashed the head into another droid, and elbowed the still standing machine until it toppled from the moving train. He finished off the last couple of enemies and we took a second to catch a breather.

Zan decided to not waste any time and jumped over the side of the train, crashing through the window and sending glass flying in all directions. I knew there were more enemies down there when I heard his light saber cut through some solid objects.

“I’ll hold down the top of the train,” I gestured for Drokar to slip inside of the train through the safety hatch. He eyed me for a moment before hopping down the hole, echoing his landing across the tracks. I watched as Drokar dropped down to all fours and leg sweeped four droids at once. Once that car was clear, I hopped down the hatch as well.

“You know there was a hatch, right?” I eyed Zan, placing my hands on my hips.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t have looked as charming sliding in through the hatch,” Zan grinned. I shook my head. Even in the most serious of situations he had to take the long way.

The city started to draw closer and I pointed it out to my teammates. We were only a couple of minutes away from the city limits. We battled through another room. Drokar crashed through a couple of teetering crates, taking out two droids on the other side. I ran past them to try to get to the control panel room on the other side; supposedly where the bomb was stationed.

“You! Stop!” A mechanic voice sounded behind me. I blasted the droid with a twist of my good shoulder, instantly dropping it where it stood. “Are they all gone yet?” I asked. No sooner did I vocalize my frustrations than an entire new troop of droids marched in through the car door. There were too many of them this time. We couldn’t possibly fight them off. Zan and I lowered our weapons, Drokar snarling and refusing to put his fists down. A noise from above us had us all take a step back. A bright red circle melted into the roof of the car, crashing down onto the close-knit group of droids. Master Char jumped down and forced them all out of the car windows, tearing a large gap in the metal.

We thanked Master Char for his help and ran into the bomb room. I hacked into the bomb and immediately realized that it was hardwired into the train.

“Impella, you know what you’re doing, right?” Zan eyed me worriedly, looking out the window to see how closely the city was.

“Uh, sure,” I typed a few more keys on the touch screen. “There’s no way to dismantle the bomb without stopping the entire train. We’ll have to come up with something else.”

One of the clones stepped into the room. A man named Corbett. We explained to him the situation and he radioed for the ship to blow up the pylons on the bridge. Zan and I had some difficulty climbing up through the hatch, but Drokar had no problem taking a full leap.

“You don’t have to show off, Drokar,” Zan said. Drokar grumbled to himself, not having a comeback. The two of them easily slid into the ship as it pulled up along the train. I jumped at the last second and was hoisted up by my two compatriots. We didn’t get very far away when a large explosion rocked the gun ship violently. We managed to save the city.

We returned to base, and I was glad when Zan and Drokar finally finished their who’s better contest. Head of command needed us to debrief the situation. Zan needed to speak with Master Char on his own, so Drokar and I went with the clones to the debriefing meeting.

“I’m surprised you were involved in the fighting this time around,” Scrapper patted me on the back, maybe a bit too informally. I gently nudged his arm away, giving him a winning smile.

“I could have done better if my gun didn’t glitch,” I patted my holster. After some convincing he walked away to speak with some of his superiors.

After a few minutes Drokar and I noticed Scrapper walking back the other way, blaster trained on our Jedi friends.

“Corbett, what’s going on?” I turned to the clone trooper who had just been on the mission with us. He had his weapon out as well, but was more hesitant in heading over to Zan and Master Char.

“Order sixty-six has been issued,” he responded, sweat dripping down his conflicted face.

“Order sixty-six?” I questioned. There were many things about the far span of galaxies that I knew, but this terminology I was unfamiliar with. “What does that mean?”

“The elimination of all Jedi,” Corbett answered, running towards the soon-to-be skirmish.

“I think we should pack our stuff and go, Dro’. Something’s not right.”

The two of us ran towards our allies, watching as Scrapper pulled up his weapon, training it on Zan and Master Char from ten feet away. Drokar managed to disarm them, while I tried to change their minds about what they were doing. None of them would listen. The message was too far ingrained in their minds. Zan deflected an attack aimed at Master Char. The clones were closing in.

“Get to one of the ships!” Drokar shouted. “I’ll take care of these guys!”

Corbett decided to help out our side, but he was concerned about his trooper brethren, not wanting to kill any of them. I shook my head, not understanding who would have issued such an attack on Jedi, and ran for one of the usuable ships. The closest thing I could see was a freighter ship on the opposite side of the hangar. I looked behind myself to see Drokar attempting to steal a web blaster away from some of the clone troopers.

Zan suddenly ran past me with Master Char, fighting a path to the same ship I had my sights on.

“Are you with us or against us?” Zan glared at me.

“I’m with you,” I panted, finally catching up to him. I was clearly out of shape. “Just really slow.”

Zan raised his hands and brought a gigantic mechanical crane to life, crashing the neck into lines of clone troopers.

It’s like he doesn’t even care that he’s hurting all of those people, I frowned. He’s scarier than I thought. I glanced behind me to see if Drokar was in sight. Come on, Dro’. I made it to the ship and walked up the platform to the safer haven of the ship’s innards. I was so out of breath that it took me a few seconds to catch my bearings.

“Impella, get the ship started!” Zan shouted from the entrance I just walked through. “I’ll guard you.”

“Right,” I heaved, slugging to the controls. “On it.” I booted up the computer with relative ease, sighing when all of the lights showed green. Thankfully it didn’t ask me for safe-mode or a user password like last time. Although a Freighter probably didn’t have much to guard.

The ships terrain window popped open, and I gasped as I saw more Jedi’s lives being extinguished. The light of their sabers instantly zipped out of sight. I hoped they would reappear, but things were going from bad to worse. Getting the engines up and going was proving to be more of a hassle, but Corbett helped them get going. I’m pretty sure all he did was hit the fuse box with the butt end of his hydro-spanner, but it didn’t really matter how it started at that point. The engines sputtered to life and Zan ran to the front of the ship.

“Thank you, my dear,” Zan gently moved me out of the way and belted himself into the pilot’s seat. He laid the ship’s arsenal on all of the clones below, keeping away from Char so he could get to the ship. I stared in disbelief from the dark corner, trembling from the massacre that was occurring in front of me.

How can Zan be doing this? How can he murder all of these people? We were friends with these people less than fifteen minutes ago.

Zan moved the throttle forward and managed to pick up our remaining allies. Drokar carried Master Char’s injured body onto the Freighter. We were all worried about him. I made a quick note that he was still breathing. Maybe we’d have time to get out of here and then use the med kit on him. Maybe not. We flew out of the hangar and out into space, only to be met by an onslaught of rebel ships.

“I want as much energy and shields as you can get!” Zan shouted orders.

“Doesn’t anyone care about the dying guy in our ship?” I blanched at Char’s immovable, blood stained body.

“We’ll all be dead if we don’t get out of here!” Zan retorted, dodging in between ships.

Drokar diverted the ship’s power to fully utilize it with our engines, while I activated some panels for the defense system. We watched as the system activated a targeting system for any incoming weapon fire. The engines began to overheat as the ship took on some injuries. Corbett managed to cool down the engines as the overheating began to start fires.

There wasn’t much else I could think to do, so I knelt down next to Master Char and pulled out the med kit. I patched up his wounded shoulder and gave him some medicine for the pain. Master Char kept his eyes closed and silently meditated.

Jedi are weird…I mused to myself.

I helped boost up the shields as smaller ships began to swarm ours. Drokar activated the communications line, which took far longer than we would have liked. I assumed that the antennae took more time to elongate in its old age. I tried to send out a deceptive message to change the coordinates of the other ships, but fumbled with my words. Something about non face-to-face conversations increased my anxiety. Drokar aided the distraction by shooting one of the bigger rebel ships, taking down its power supply and deploying all of its escape pods. We sent out an encrypted s.o.s. signal to make the other ships think it was in trouble. As they all converged on the sitting ship, Zan yelled for me to override the hyperdrive lock on the ship. We sped off into safety.

I can’t leave these idiots now, I looked around at the assembled crew. Zan, Drokar, Char, and Corbett. They’ll die without me.

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